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Parenting and Horror Movies

Tweet One of the things that no one ever tells you about parenting is that your kids can actually be pretty darn scary in the right circumstances. The part of your brain that goes, “Oh, no! There is something WAY … Continue reading

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Tangled Movie Review for Toddlers and Young Children

Tweet Getting a toddler to sit still through a full-length movie is enough of a challenge as it is. Without a movie screen full of color and action, it’s a lost cause. That’s why a top parenting tip is to … Continue reading

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Good Children’s Movies for Toddlers and Young Kids

Tweet Recently, I started thinking about how many movies I’ve tried to show my now three-year old daughter, and how many of those films she just never got into. It isn’t that these aren’t great movies, they are, it is … Continue reading

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Snow White DVD

Tweet In this era of video on demand and high-speed connections to the Internet, no to mention the specter of wide-spread piracy, Disney’s little only-sell-our-famous-movies-every-10-years marketing gambit seems even more tired than it always has. That being said, Disney has … Continue reading

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