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Changing Tables in Men’s Rooms

Tweet Ashton Kutcher made news recently with his tweet about how none of the public bathrooms he has been in have changing tables for dads to change diapers. Now, I’m sure Mr. Kutcher and I roll in slightly different circles. … Continue reading

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Buying Cheaper Diapers

Tweet A new baby is a wonderful gift. It is also a very big expense. After you bring baby home from the hospital, you might get a cost break for a while thanks to all the gifts you racked up … Continue reading

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Baby Rash and Toddler Rashes

Tweet One of the most frustrating conditions for parents, especially new first-time parents, to deal with on babies and toddlers are rashes.  The difficulty is that because of their nature, rashes are easy to spot and difficult to ignore.  Whether … Continue reading

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Eliminating Stinky Diaper Pail Smells

Tweet When our daughter was first born, we got a Diaper Champ.  It has a big piston-type top where you drop the diaper in, and then grab the handle and turn the lid over.  The great thing about it is … Continue reading

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