Toddler Gloves for Building Snowman = Fleece Gloves Bad

snowman Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only parent alive who doesn’t just drop my kid off at daycare in their designer jumpsuit and think that makes me a good parent.

It is winter.  And, as much as I dislike that fact, there are some things that you just have to deal with, or as I tell my daughter, “I don’t control that, Honey.”

So, I want to build a snowman with her.  Now, I know that she isn’t good for rolling up a 48” ball of snow, but if I put my hands in the snow, she is going to put her hands in the snow.  That means, that she needs gloves, not fleece gloves, not fur gloves, not cotton or velour, or whatever else is trendy.  She needs WATERPROOF GLOVES!

Why am I shouting?  Go take a look at Children’s Place, or Baby Gap, or Old Navy, or anywhere else besides Target or Wal-mart where you buy your baby gloves and point at the real, honest to goodness, gloves that can be used in the snow.

 Gloves at Childrens Place Find them?  Me neither. (Don’t get too excited about that ONE PAIR OUT OF TWENTY that says nylon winter gloves, they don’t come in Toddler size.)

Hey, trendy baby stores, listen up.  Some of us play with our kids and we would appreciate if you would also manufacture and sell some items for our kids instead of focusing on the my baby is a moving mannequin crowd.

That is all.

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