Undefeated Daddy Begins

Ah…where to start? Well, basically it all comes down to one thing. I am a regular guy in his 30s. I’ve never been into the woods to bang on a drum, and I’ve never stood outside in 0 degree weather with no shirt just so my painted chest could have a chance at being on a sports broadcast. In other words, I’m a middle of the road, normal, not too sensitive, not too macho, average guy. But, there is one thing. I want to be involved in my daughter’s life, and not just, “Hi sweetie, how was your day,” when I come through the door one-hour before she goes to bed. I want to see her learn things and figure things out. I want to be there when she says her first words, or takes her first steps. I want to know that she doesn’t use the green sippy-cup anymore before it seems comical that I don’t know that. I want to walk in to get her up from her nap. I want to find her standing in the crib and pointing up at a spot on the wall while repeating over and over again “shuh, shuh, shuh.” And I want to see her huge smile while she almost teeters over with joy when after a few seconds I finally understand (sun, sun, sun) and say “Do you the see the sun?” The way she beams with pride when she is able to communicate is a kind of joy (for her and me) that I could never explain. I want that.

In other words, I want to be a great hands-on, just as nice as Mommy, knows what he is doing, Dad. And, there, my friends, seems to be the trouble. There are plenty of resources out there if you want to be some neo-hippie, vegan, make your own yogurt Dad. And, there are plenty of resources out there if you want to be a don’t make mistakes and try really hard to pay more attention to your kids without jeopardizing your career Dad. But, there just don’t seem to be any good resources for being a smart, funny, lovable, interested, and caring Dad.

Welcome to Undefeated Daddy. You just found your new home.

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