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How To Pack Good School Lunches

Tweet You won’t find it hard to find advice on packing healthy lunches for your kids to take to school. Unfortunately, much of that advice isn’t a realistic way to make your child a healthy school lunch. Healthy Enough Let’s … Continue reading

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Better School Pictures Cheaper

Tweet School pictures have been around forever. Every year, it’s basically the same thing. The school sends home an envelope with a notice about school pictures and an order form. Then, parents pick a nice outfit and send their kids … Continue reading

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Columbus Day and Schools

Tweet I understand the issue with Columbus Day. No, the guy wasn’t a saint, and yes, he did a lot of bad things. And, maybe he shouldn’t have a holiday, but for right now, he does, and many people get … Continue reading

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Box Tops for Education Worth It?

Tweet Like many parents, my kids attend a public school. It is a magnet school. Like many schools, there are more things the school (and the parents of the children who attend that school) would like to do for the … Continue reading

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How To Keep Kids Reading During the Summer

Tweet The school year ends Friday here in Denver. For many others, you are already on summer vacation. At first, it’s all fun and games, as it should be, but eventually, you should probably make sure that your children don’t … Continue reading

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