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Digital Camera Card for Dad

Tweet Last Christmas, I asked for a digital camera card for our compact, point-and-shoot type of camera. It got it. I holdsĀ thousandsĀ of digital photographs of our family, things we see and do, and places we go. This is a very … Continue reading

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It Is OK for Kids to Use Your iPad

Tweet Every so often, a news article comes out where a child ran up a huge bill using their parent’s iPad. This is a flaw in Apple’s parental controls, or lack thereof. However, inevitably, someone will come along and say … Continue reading

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Potty Training Tips – Pause

Tweet Potty training can be a tricky thing. There are competing schools of thought about when and how to train, and then, of course, each child is different. However, there are some potty training tips that can be useful regardless … Continue reading

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Learning to Read Means Learning English is Dumb

Tweet As your youngster learns how to talk, you’ll notice that there are several little things about English that don’t really make sense. The irregular verbs come to mind. Many children end up saying "go-ed" instead of went and my … Continue reading

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Children’s Place Summer Sale Plus Coupon Code

Tweet One of the best parenting tips out there comes courtesy of the adult shopping world. Just like regular department stores like Macy’s and JC Penny’s, as well as clothing stores like Gap, Land’s End, and so on, start changing … Continue reading

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