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Halloween Candy

Tweet Halloween is one of those holidays where parenting styles really differ. Some parents worry about safety and maybe morality issues. Other parents are fine with the holiday itself, but aren’t so keen on things like costumes and candy. For … Continue reading

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Colorado Rockies Fireworks Games Dates 2015

Tweet Every year, the Colorado Rockies put on oneĀ of the best fireworks shows in all of Denver. This year, it means a bonus weekend of July fireworks as well. You can buy tickets to the Rockies fireworks games and see … Continue reading

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Judy Clock Review Interactive Toy Clock

Tweet As promised, here is the first review on Undefeated Daddy. We start with a toy review since Christmas is coming and many parents will be looking for good, fun, learning toys for kids. First up is the Judy Clock. … Continue reading

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How To Carve Cool Pumpkins Fast and Easy

Tweet Carving pumpkins into jack-0-lanterns is a quintessential childhood experience. However, for too many parents and kids, carving pumpkins turns into a long drawn out project that isn’t even fun anymore by the end. To avoid that, all you have … Continue reading

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Columbus Day and Schools

Tweet I understand the issue with Columbus Day. No, the guy wasn’t a saint, and yes, he did a lot of bad things. And, maybe he shouldn’t have a holiday, but for right now, he does, and many people get … Continue reading

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